Fine Art America

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Line

The Line is indicative of the struggle in the African American Community related to jobs. Unemployment in the City of Newark is easily eclipsing 18-25%. If there is a word to describe the plight of black men in this community it is devastation. We are devastated with the lack of opportunities available to those who make an effort to live a decent and free life. Knocking on our doors are the illegal and desperate practices that destroy our communities in every way.How can we manage our lives and our families in this present climate politically and economically? When  we do not honor our commitments concerning our children the first recourse in the courts are incarceration. What will that accomplish ? Nothing. It is a way to incorporate the new found manner  of slavery and  voter suppression that is indicative of the God complex instituted by this society and white men.. It really is an attack on the manhood of the African American male. In this our sons become so deficient that the only way to win is rebel against the established manner of the American psych.. That which presents a illustration  of the African American man as deficient in all  of his affairs.  God help us all.