Fine Art America

Thursday, September 8, 2011


As we go into the fall most of us look at the jobs situation as bleak if not dismal in this country. Unemployment in the City of Newark is at least 25 to 40 % on the surface. Although the national average is considerably lower at 9.1 it still equates to unemployment. Collectively as a whole the nature or our positon in this country concerning umemployment is basically our own doing.
Looking back to the end of the Clinton administration this nation along with the cites enjoyed a modest increase in jobs. During the election of 2000 our nation was hijacked and put under seige by a conserative agenda to dismiss the progressive movement in this country at the expense of the Bush family and there revenge on Saddam H. Our priorties shifted along with the elected officals by way of a criminal move from the Supreme Court. It has not been right since. As a result this nation has not had an increase in jobs for over a decade. The point that I am making is that we the people are responsible for this. If we spend as much time scrutinizing elected officials as much as we do entertainers and reality disfunction on television we would not be at this place.
Looking at poll numbers here recently we find disfavor with our current President. Why? As far as I am concerned he has done more for the rights of the working and middle class in his term than the previous had done during his eight years in office. Understand he is not the perfect answer concerning the jobs situation but the fact of the matter is that he is still President. Those elected officials who have prided themselves with the destruction of the Obama presidency will eventually bring down this nation.  Realizing that a house divded can not stand I understand the President's position to try and mediate this political catastrophe from the middle and as a result he is damned if he do and damned if he don't.
The jobs situation will not get better in this country if we continue to neglect the issue. My hope this evening is that President Obama's plan is one that will get the ball rolling. Nevermind that the Chinese can take 300,000 of there citizens out of poverty to the middle class in the last two years at the expense of the American consumer isn't encouraging. Instead of creating markets for ourselves we spend to much time celebrating celebrity and reality disfunction instead of opportunites for American entreprenures . It is not the President's job to elect officials to the houses of congress that right belongs to the people. Lets become more pro active towards the process and eliminate these harbingers who disquise themselves as representives for the people with leaders who will represent this nation as a whole.